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    JPWaVe provides worldwide intellectual property services to the life sciences business, financial and legal communities. We are based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

    JPWaVe advises its clients in the field of the appraisal and commercialization of intellectual property in the life sciences sector. Enjoy our site.

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    JPWaVe provides strategic intellectual property services and assistance in- or management of the commercialization of immaterial assets.


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    At JPWaVe we will assist you to grow current- and generate new revenue streams through successful commercialization of intellectual property assets. We understand the challenges the life sciences industry is facing and understand your operational and strategic needs.

    JPWaVe’s scope of services includes technology assessments, valid and useful scope analyses of IP portfolio’s, freedom-to-operate analyses, technology transfer in the field of life sciences, and hands-on management for early stage life science companies.

    JPWaVe is involved in technology assessments for Merger & Acquisitions, licensing negotiations, litigation and due diligences. Core expertises include monoclonal antibodies, oncology, virology and protein technology.


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    JPWaVe B.V.
    Utrechtseweg 223
    3818 EE Amersfoort
    The Netherlands
    Tel: +31(0)33-4632606

  • Our business

    JPWaVe offers a range of services to the life sciences industry including patent valuation for Merger & Acquisitions and strategic thinking for commercialization of immaterial assets. Our highly committed professionals provide a consistently high level of service. Our world-class content helps you devise and implement a strategy for your IP assets and pursue opportunities for innovation.

    Our clients include many of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, legal firms and biotech start-ups. We work with a multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience in different sectors of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries.

    Navigating the complexities of the intellectual property landscape requires knowledge, insight and hands-on experience. That’s where you can rely on us.

  • about us

    Johan Renes (Msc Molecular and Chemical Biology)
    As a European Patent Attorney, Johan has represented clients in matters involving intellectual property issues, life sciences and management. He effectively managed a busy department of professionals for AKZO were he was responsible for coatings, pharmacy and human biotechnology portfolio. He was managing partner at VO Patents, one of the top-ten firms in Europe. He moved from litigation and opposition to building IP-strategies which successfully led to portfolios for large institutions and many life science start-ups. One of the highlights was the coaching of IntroGene in Leiden and UbiSys (Utrecht) through a merger into Crucell. He advises teams completing commercial deals involving immaterial assets.

    Paul Steverink (DVM, PhD, MBA from Erasmus University)
    Has a long track record in the commercialization of intellectual property in the life sciences industry. Having a PhD in immunology, for several years he headed the vaccine development group for endemic diseases at ID-Lelystad, The Netherlands where he headed the IP and Licensing Department and structured complex commercial and international transactions involving intellectual property. Paul was CFO of Crossbeta Biosciences, Utrecht leading multiple rounds of financing. He is currently CFO of APO-T BV and LinXis BV, which recently closed a second round of financing. Paul holds several board positions at European biotech companies. He has an MBA degree from Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management, The Netherlands, with a special focus on corporate finance.